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About the offer

The House of Yoga is an online yoga school offering a wide range of yoga classes, meditation practices and wisdom teachings. Whether you want to relax or strengthen, whether you have five minutes or two hours, there is always a practice here for you.

Now that Glen Ivy is temporarily closed, we wish you offer you two months FREE access* to The House of Yoga. After that you will receive a special discounted offer to continue.


* No strings attached. No need to cancel. Offer is valid until June 15th 2020.


Real online yoga

Why The House of Yoga?

Never miss a class

Go for convenience, The House of Yoga is always there. Find it difficult to stick to your practice or choose one? You don’t have to do it all by yourself; the programs will guide you.

Physical exercise and spiritual growth

Whether your needs are more flexibility, more focus, a better night rest or a steady meditation practice; it’s all there, the full circle of yoga. (Good news: we also offer satsang)

Authentic yoga

Online yoga born from the idea to make authentic teachings accessible for everyone. Spreading these teachings widely with no boundaries of time and location. 

What our users say

It's really refreshing to incorporate different things into my home practice. I tried yin yang yoga for the first time through their website and I love it!

- Wasia

As avid travelers most of us hardly find time and/or opportunity to follow physical classes. The online classes lift this boundary. It adds peace and acceptance of all things to my daily life.

- Chelsea

The House of Yoga is an online platform that includes guided yoga practices & meditations taught by a variety of experienced yoga instructors. I love it because it allows me to practice at home when I can't make it to a class at my local studio. It's convenient and easy to use.

- Melanie