Let us guide you

Curated Programs to inspire and develop your practice

It can be a great experience to explore our video content with some structure, guidance and input. Our yoga teachers designed a few programs to lead you through our online classes, each focussing on a different topic or goal.

Follow the guided programs at your own pace. They are not necessarily designed to do one practice a day. However, the benefits of practicing yoga are greatly enhanced when you practice multiple times a week (as opposed to just once a week). Of course, don't force yourself, but there is also nothing wrong with a (small) challenge. 

Hopefully these programs guide, support, and inspire you on your own path here at The House of Yoga.

Get Started

If you are looking to build a strong foundation and are new to yoga, this set of practices is a good place to begin. It is designed to introduce you to many different styles, teachers, and practices. So you get a full taste of what we have to offer and can then pick practices, on your own, that suit your individual preference. But you won’t know what you like, until you try it, right? In this path, curiosity is our mantra.

This program is for intermediate (and above) practitioners designed to get you moving, build stamina, and increase strength and flexibility. During each practice, we encourage you to watch your own energy level and modify should you need to. Do this set of practices when you feel you want a physical challenge.  In this path, consistency is our mantra.

The name is self-explanatory on this one. This program is specifically designed to help calm the nervous system and reduce your stress levels. It is great to do these recommended practices when you feel overwhelmed and overworked, and need to slow down. In this path, letting go is our mantra.

If you are feeling drained, tired and depleted, this program is designed for you. The practices selected for this program are unique—grounded in energy and breath work, which help to increase vitality and restore you when you need it. In this path, recharge is our mantra.

This program is structured slightly differently than the rest, as it is designed as a 10 day dedication. Each day, for ten days, you will practice a different meditation which we have in the video collection. This program is designed to help inspire a daily practice, while introducing you to various forms of meditation and teachers. So you can find the one that resonates the most with you. Once you do, it’s recommended that you find consistency and repetition in your meditation practice going forward. In this path, silence is our mantra.

Good things happen when we dedicate ourselves to a daily yoga practice. Really good things. SO. . . to inspire you and also have some fun together as a community, we're compiling a 14 day dedication to "get yoga into your life!”