by The House of Yoga | 03-01-2019

There’s something ancient and timeless about following and honouring cycles. It is a way to compartmentalize our existence into meaningful phrases rather than have one continuous and messy run-on sentence as our life.

The New Year is a collective time of a perceived clean slate. We let go (a necessary and fruitful practice) of the year passed and celebrate a new cycle of living. It is a microcosm of the larger cycle of life and death-similar to the setting and rising of the sun. We let go and thus are re-born.

During these cycles, however, it can be difficult to take steps forward. Sometimes, we question our readiness, our inner strengthand our value. Turning towards self-love, trust and acceptance can be a valuable practice as the New Year begins. While writing resolutions (things you’d like to improve or change) spend as much time on deeply accepting where you are now. You may be surprised by what you find.

To really feel this, is not always easy. This poem by our Editor in Chief, Deborah Quibell will, perhaps, provide a small slice of inspiration.


Your divine self waits for you. Like a friend without shoes.

You dont have to wash your weathered feet 108 times. Or sprinkle your toes with golden dust.
Before walking through the door.

You dont have to bathe in holy water. Or adorn yourself in perfection.
In order to sit down and enter.

You dont have to scrub your tired hands. Or drape yourself in realization.
Prior to coming in.  

Come in just as you are, my friend.

Here you will find the golden dust at your feet, the holy waters in which you may bathe,
grace like rain upon you, and the seed of divine perfection.

Here, in the mystery of he world, you will find your way of being in it.

Here, your Friend awaits, 

barefoot and smiling.

Wondering where you have been. 

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Author: The House of Yoga

Author: The House of Yoga

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