Food: Amaranth, fig and sage cookies

by Kyra de Vreeze | 07-09-2017

I have been totally obsessing over Sage off late. Its taste, its colour, the velvety texture of its leaves, the healing properties it holds.  I love everything about it, and it loves me back. 

Cooking with Sage is not part of my culinary upbringing. As a girl with Caribbean roots I have been granted the opportunity to taste a wide array of exciting and eclectic flavours, but somehow Sage has never found its way towards my tastebuds. Until a few years ago, that is. And now that I know of it, I can’t stop glorifying it.

This silvergreen healing herb is probably best known for its role in flavouring the traditional Thanksgiving turkey stuffing. Or in relishes served with other meat and cheese laden dishes. But fellow plant lovers, don’t let this culinary heritage fool you! Sage is also yours to enjoy!

In fact, Sage adds extra depth and richness to your veggie dish, can be used to flavour sweet as well as savoury meals and is know for its healing properties.
Emotionally, Sage helps to build strength and courage. And believe it or not, this is exactly what I felt the first time I tried it. Its taste is never dainty or subtle but powerful and present. And with that powerful and present taste comes its ability to gift you power and presence. It is a highly recommended herb for those trying to find their voice, in every imaginable way.

Today I share with you a recipe for sweet, but not overly so, cookies. These will make perfect breakfast cookies, eaten as they are or crumbled as granola. I hope they will help you feel true confidence, power and presence.

Happy baking, happy Sage-ing!

Xoxo Kyra.



Makes 8 small cookies, takes 15 minutes



2 hands amaranth
2 hands sunflower seeds
2 dried figs, no stem, chopped finely
1 tbsp dried sage, chopped finely
1 heaping tbsp coconut nectar
1 tsp ghee

50 ml water
5-6 tbsp chestnut flour
3  tbsp cacao butter
1 tbsp coconut nectar



Dry roast amaranth and sunflower seeds in skillet until golden. Add the rest of the ingredients named under base. Mix well using a wooden spoon. Turn heat off after one minute. Place onto large plate and let cool.

Add ingredients named under extra to base. This will become a moist dough. Use hands to shape into 8 tbsp sized cookies. Preheat oven at 200 degrees Celsius. Bake for 10 minutes. Let cool and serve, preferably dipped in hazelnut vanilla cream.



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Author: Kyra de Vreeze

Author: Kyra de Vreeze

Kyra is an activist for health & happiness. This published writer of (culinary) articles and books, certified naturopath specialized in nutrition and lifestyle, yoga teacher and developer of inspirational food & health projects, is somewhat a hippy idealist. But that said, a hardworking one with the ability to realize her dreams and ideas. Kyra’s work has been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Happinez,, Flair, Delicious., ELLE Food, Yoga Magazine and Cosmopolitan. She’s been named one of the most inspiring women of 2014 by glamour magazine and won an award for her vegan cookbook kyra’s kitchen. Kyra has trained Michelin starred chefs, developed a recipe book for popular tea brand yogi tea, was head chef at her very own pop-up restaurant peas and is a professional hammock lover. Her brand new e-book cookbook ‘healing meals’ is out now and available here.