by The House of Yoga | 30-11-2016

This month, we are doing a lot of reflecting on love.

And an essential part of love is acceptance—accepting our weaknesses, mistakes, and failures; accepting difficult situations; accepting the weaknesses, mistakes, and failures of others.

We are all evolving. Evolution implies progress. And progress implies mistakes.

There is an immense power in the practice of accepting where we are and what we are feeling in any given moment. Truly being honest. And truly accepting what is.

During an interview on relationships, Eckart Tolle offered this jewel of wisdom:

“Whenever you accept what is, something deeper emerges than what is. So, you can be trapped in the most painful dilemma, external or internal, the most painful feelings or situation, and the moment you accept what is, you go beyond it, you transcend it. . .Even if you feel hatred, the moment you accept that this is what you feel, you transcend it. It may still be there, but suddenly you are at a deeper place where it doesn’t matter that much anymore.”

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Author: The House of Yoga

Author: The House of Yoga

The House of Yoga is an ever-expanding group of yogis, practitioners, teachers, filmmakers, writers, travelers and free spirits. We are collaborative and curious. We see ourselves as part of a larger movement. A movement that is propelling us towards becoming more conscious and compassionate.