Article: Explore Your Breath in 3 Different Ways

by The House of Yoga | 28-11-2016

The breath has long been recognized as the "giver of life". Our breath begins as we come into the physical world and stops as we leave it.

While it happens automatically, it is also something we can consciously control and regulate, and many traditions have documented and recognized the connection of proper breathing to vitality and longevity. 

In the yogic tradition, the exploration of the breath is vast and varied. These three practices will help you to experience the widely different uses, techniques, and magic of our breathing.


1. Ocean Breath with Katiza Satya

The breath can be used, consciously, to create heat and purification in the body. Ocean breathing, or ujjayi breah, is one way to experience this. It's great to learn because it can be practiced on its own or while doing a physical practice. In fact, many professional athletes are utilizing ujjayi breath in their training to help increase respiratory efficiency. 


2. Ashtanga Home Asana Practice with Govinda Kai

Now that you've learned ocean breathing, try this yoga practice while incorporating ocean breath throughout the session. Notice if you feel more control, energy, and strength. This breath can help us tremendously during physical exertion. It circulates prana throughout your body, creating strength from the inside-out. 


3. Nine purification breath with Katiza Satya

In the yogic tradition, the breath is intrinsically linked to the subtle energy of the body. Just like your physical body has blood vessels, your energetic body has nadis or energy channels. This practice helps to cleanse and purify the main energy channels of the body, leading to increased clarity and vitality. Best approach with this practice is to keep an open mind and explore with curiosity. 

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Author: The House of Yoga

Author: The House of Yoga

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