Food: Lotus white chocolate

by Kyra de Vreeze | 21-11-2014

Beyond excited and with a pinch of pride, I share with you one of the recipes from my recently launched e-cookbook ‘healing meals’.*

Healing meals is chock-full of fast and clean recipes, and gives you tons of inspiration and practical guidelines on how to create your own finger-lickin’ dishes. This is extra-ordinary food that will nourish, refresh & heal your body, mind & spirit.

My lotus white chocolate is, by far, the most exotic recipe from the book. I wanted ‘healing meals’ to show how everyday, easy-to-get and affordable foods can be the most powerful and tasty medicine you’ve ever come across. But you know what? You sometimes have to splurge. There’s a time for contracting and simplifying and there’s a time for expanding and indulging. My lotus white chocolates will help to accomplish the latter and make your taste buds do their happy dance!

Lotus root is an incredibly powerful natural medicine. It helps to establish mental balance and peace of mind and is a potent vegetable to use after dis-ease, hard physical labour or a sweaty yoga practice. Its protein, electrolytes, copper and iron support your body to recover and build energy enhancing red blood cells.

Now off to the kitchen you go to practice the art and joy of homecooking!




makes 4
takes 15 minutes


50 gram cacao butter

2 large tablespoons fine coconut blossom sugar

1 large tablespoon cashews*

1 large tablespoon mulberries

4 dried lotus chips

30 drops organic vanilla extract

1 pinch sea salt



Pour hot water into a sauce pan & place a bowl in/over it. Make sure the inside of the bowl remains dry & the outside bottom touches the water. Place cacao butter in & let melt. This technique is called au bain marie. Add coconut blossom sugar to liquid cacao butter & use steel whisk or fork to mix together. Add vanilla extract & mix well. Place mulberries, cashews & sea salt in food processor & pulse until fine chunks appear. Add to cacao butter mixture. Mix in. Distribute mixture over four (silicon) (muffin) moulds & place one dried lotus chip in each of them. Make sure the lotus stays near the top of the chocolate otherwise you won’t see it when set. Let cool at room temperature for an hour or so. Place in the fridge until fully solid. Serve or store.

Tips: *you may choose to use raw or activated cashews. To bring out extra cashew flavour roast them shortly in a dry skillet at low heat. Store chocolates chilled when weather is hot. These make wonderful (holiday/birthday) gifts!

Recipe & photo © Kyra at Kyra’s Kitchen
My ‘healing meals’ cookbook is available here



Healing Meals



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Author: Kyra de Vreeze

Author: Kyra de Vreeze

Kyra is an activist for health & happiness. This published writer of (culinary) articles and books, certified naturopath specialized in nutrition and lifestyle, yoga teacher and developer of inspirational food & health projects, is somewhat a hippy idealist. But that said, a hardworking one with the ability to realize her dreams and ideas. Kyra’s work has been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Happinez,, Flair, Delicious., ELLE Food, Yoga Magazine and Cosmopolitan. She’s been named one of the most inspiring women of 2014 by glamour magazine and won an award for her vegan cookbook kyra’s kitchen. Kyra has trained Michelin starred chefs, developed a recipe book for popular tea brand yogi tea, was head chef at her very own pop-up restaurant peas and is a professional hammock lover. Her brand new e-book cookbook ‘healing meals’ is out now and available here.