by The House of Yoga | 30-12-2017

At The House of Yoga, we believe that food is our most basic medicine. Hence, all of the amazing recipes you will find on our site.

During the winter months, it can be hard to keep your energy high and immune system strong. If you want to make friends with some helpful foods during these cold days, we suggest incorporating some grapefruit and ginger into your diet.

Grapefruit is known for its fabulous delivery of vitamin C, curbs hunger, and protects your heart by lowering your cholesterol levels, naturally.

Ginger helps to soothe the stomach, aid in digestion, and fight infection. Not to mention, it is also said to be an aphrodisiac. It heats your insides and stimulates circulation while its intense scent awakens your olfactory glands!

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Author: The House of Yoga

Author: The House of Yoga

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