by The House of Yoga | 23-04-2016

Sometimes, we like to keep things simple here at The House of Yoga. So this is one suggestion after a long day.

Step one: Find a wall.

Step two: Sit perpendicular to the wall with one of your hips up against it.

Step three: Lay on your back and swing your legs up the wall.

Step four: Breathe. Relax. And think of how much you love us.

This simple, restorative pose is fantastic after long days of sitting or standing on your feet. Besides gently stretching the hamstrings, legs, and lower back, it reverses the circulation in your legs, reducing cramping and fatigue.

No promises, but it may also calm your mind.

No harm in trying, right?

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Author: The House of Yoga

Author: The House of Yoga

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