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TeacherRolandjan Van Mulligen StyleYin Yang Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration66 mins

Effortless Flow: Short

This is a shorter version of the Effortless Flow yin yang practice. Gentle breathwork and a short meditation will then move into longer held, passive yin poses interchange with engaging yang movements.  It will leave your body feeling spacious, strong and vibrantly alive.

TeacherKatiza Satya StyleSatsang
LevelAll levels Duration68 mins

There is only one thing we need to do

Satsang literally means ‘The company of Truth’. Satsang is a group gathering in which you enhance the quality of being human. It is an invitation to enter and explore the fields of Truth together, with an open heart and a naked mind. Allowing silence, clarity and spaciousness to rise within, and connect us all in the preciousness of the Now.