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TeacherSri Sudhir Tiwari StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration23 mins

The Philosophy, Purpose and Benefits of Pranayama

A talk about the definition of Pranayama and its multiple meanings. About why one should practice Pranayama and how you can control the mind with the breath correctly, so it can eventually change your life.

TeacherTenzin Wangyal Rinpoche StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration17 mins

Three Doors Meditation

A guided meditation on the body, speech, and mind, rooted in the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition. This practice helps to cultivate awareness, inner silence, and warmth. 

TeacherDeborah Quibell StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration13 mins

Calming the Mind

A simple and accessible meditation practice that helps to calm the mind and emotions through cultivating awareness. Accessible to all levels of experience.

TeacherDeborah Quibell StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration16 mins

Finding Silence

This ten minute meditation helps you to find stillness within, by becoming aware of the breath and the sounds around you. It is a simple and effective technique, suitable to all levels of experience. 

TeacherDeborah Quibell StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration12 mins

Releasing Tension

A simple and accessible meditation that focuses on sensations in the physical body and the breath to help calm and steady the mind. Great for all levels, this practice is wonderful on its own or after an asana practice. This is the first practice of a three-part meditation series.

TeacherKristin Skotnes Vikjord StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration20 mins


A mindfulness meditation, where you will observe the natural breath (anapansati) as well as all other inner movements of body, mind and emotions. Join this practice to develop a compassionate and non-critical mind.

TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration16 mins

Longing for something more

A group talk on spiritual aspiration and hunger given during the Spiritual Revolution Retreat in Angouleme, France, 2014.