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TeacherGovinda Kai StyleMeditation
LevelBeginner Duration32 mins


 A practice of chanting and meditation designed to connect you to a place of stillness within. By using simple techniques, this practice assists you in attaining more peaceful states of mind.

TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration16 mins

Longing for something more

A group talk on spiritual aspiration and hunger given during the Spiritual Revolution Retreat in Angouleme, France, 2014.

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TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration6 mins

Learning how to look within

In modern society, we are primarily focused externally. Understand the difference and importance between an external and an internal focus in the practice of yoga.

TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration4 mins


Why do we chant? Gain a deeper understanding of this ancient practice.