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TeacherRolandjan Van Mulligen StyleHealing Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration32 mins

Stillness of being

A relaxing practice of restorative poses. This class is especially popular after a long day of work, when you feel the need to release tension and restore your energy. Allow yourself to unwind and come to the stillness of your being.

TeacherKristin Skotnes Vikjord StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration30 mins

Connecting to the here and now

Kristin will guide you through a short mindful meditation which includes some simple pranayama practices that will help you focus and relieve restlessness.This practice will help you connect to the here and now and can be used as a nice short practice on its own, or as a preparation of a longer practice.

TeacherHector Ramos StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration35 mins

Meditation on Twin Hearts (Loving-Kindness Meditation)

A beautiful meditation to awaken the energetic centers connected with love and compassion, and create the conditions for illumination or spiritual awakening. It is a beautiful meditation of world service, with roots in the Tibetan meditation on loving-kindness. 
TeacherKevin Sahaj Wood StyleHealing Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration25 mins


A practice to facilitate the flow of prana (life-energy) within our spine and central energetic pathways, releasing energetic blockages. When these pathways are open, we are brought back to inner balance.

TeacherKatiza Satya StyleHealing Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration25 mins


Let go of deep physical and emotional tensions in your body. This practice involves shaking and moving to loosen blockages of prana (life-energy) that accumulate in your joints and tissues. It is a great warm up before an asana session or can be practiced alone.

TeacherTijn Touber StyleMeditation
LevelBeginner Duration26 mins


An introduction to the three basic techniques of meditation. If you are not yet familiar with what meditation is all about and don’t know where to begin, this is for you.

TeacherTijn Touber StyleMeditation
LevelBeginner Duration24 mins


A guided meditation on the art of standing in the middle of your mind, reconnecting to the still place within. This practice will clear your mind amidst the rush of daily life.

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TeacherKatiza Satya StyleHealing Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration30 mins


A "yogic sleep" practice to deeply relax, while remaining fully present. It is great practice for the evening right before bedtime, or can be used as a preparation for meditation.

TeacherHector Ramos StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration9 mins


Ahimsa or non-violence is a foundational part of the yogic path. Hector guides us through a practice of contemplation and reflection regarding the practice of non-violence in our daily lives.