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TeacherKatiza Satya StylePranayama
LevelBeginner Duration7 mins


What is Ujjayi breath? And how do we master it? Katiza Satya explains.

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TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration6 mins

Learning how to look within

In modern society, we are primarily focused externally. Understand the difference and importance between an external and an internal focus in the practice of yoga.

TeacherEva Ugolini StylePose tutorial
LevelAll levels Duration7 mins


A short tutorial video that helps you understand and build safely and effectively into Utplutih. Utplutih is the final pose in the Ashtanga yoga primary series. It's a challenging posture, so smile and be patient.

TeacherEva Ugolini StylePose tutorial
LevelAll levels Duration6 mins


In this short tutorial video Eva explains how to smoothly make the transition from downward facing dog to a seated posture. You will find yourself making this transition many times throughout the ashtanga yoga practice. As it can be quite a challenging transition, Eva takes you step by step through the different options: from simply stepping forward to the full "flying through".