TeacherKatiza Satya StylePranayama
LevelAll levels Duration11 mins

Nine Purification Breath

A pranayama practice from the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition. It cleanses the three main energy pathways (nadis) in the body, and is a great practice to start your day or simply to connect to the present moment.

TeacherTijn Touber StyleMeditation
LevelBeginner Duration20 mins


A meditation practice that invites you to embrace whatever is present, without rejecting or pushing things away. This facilitates a deep sense of acceptance and inner peace.

TeacherKristin Skotnes Vikjord StyleMeditation
LevelAll levels Duration20 mins


A mindfulness meditation, where you will observe the natural breath (anapansati) as well as all other inner movements of body, mind and emotions. Join this practice to develop a compassionate and non-critical mind.

TeacherGovinda Kai StyleTalk
LevelAll levels Duration16 mins

Longing for something more

A group talk on spiritual aspiration and hunger given during the Spiritual Revolution Retreat in Angouleme, France, 2014.

TeacherGovinda Kai StyleAshtanga Yoga
LevelBeginner Duration17 mins

Sun salutation A&B - Beginners

A guided practice of Surya Namaskara A & B, also known as Salutation to the Sun. These are two very foundational sequences of yoga postures suitable for all levels.

TeacherTijn Touber StyleMeditation
LevelBeginner Duration20 mins


A guided and empowering meditation to effectively revive and boost your energy. During the day most people lose a lot of energy. We often feel tired and worn-out. This practice replenishes us.