TeacherMariah Mansvelt Beck StyleYin Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration24 mins


A relaxing, gentle yin practice to balance the emotion of anger, and the many ways it shows up in your mind and life. This practice helps to transform your emotional well-being.

TeacherKristin Skotnes Vikjord StyleVinyasa Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration42 mins


This mindful yoga flow class that steadily builds its pace over the course of the practice. After a short meditation you will move into a sequence of standing postures and lunge poses. This is a warming practice great for purification and developing strength.

TeacherMariah Mansvelt Beck StyleYin Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration22 mins


A gentle and relaxing sequence of yin postures to provide the time and space to hold ourselves in the face of the - at times- overwhelming emotion of grief.

TeacherMariah Mansvelt Beck StyleYin Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration25 mins


A gentle yin practice focusing on directing your attention out of your head and back into your body. When you find yourself caught up in worry, this is a powerful and liberating practice.

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TeacherKatiza Satya StyleVinyasa Yoga
LevelAll levels Duration57 mins


An active vinyasa flow practice that is a great way to begin your day; awakening your body and allowing your energy to flow through you in a harmonious way. You will focus a lot on connecting to your inner ground, developing an intimate sense of grounding and stability.