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Our suggested retreats

Below you will find a selection of retreats that we love because of the great teachers, profound teachings and the beautiful spaces. 

7 Days Ayurvedic Living Yoga Retreat

With: Victoria Hyndman
Mandali Retreat Center, Quarna Sopra, Italy
April 2018

This retreat will give you a deep plunge into Ayurvedic wisdom and experience on how to integrate this wisdom into your daily life and yoga practice. You will understand how as humans you are made up of the same ingredients, but with own unique blend to make you into one unique individual. Being a unique expression of nature, you will learn why you have certain behavior patterns, react differently emotionally in situations, and digest different foods easier than others.

7 Days Silence & Solitude Yoga Retreat

With: Erica Jago
Mandali Retreat Center, Quarna Sopra, Italy
September 2018

Join Erica for a heartfelt retreat at the stunning Mandali Retreat Center in Lago d’Orta, North of Italy. The seventh chakra, Sahasrara, conveys radiance and regeneration. When we mindfully open the crown chakra we connect to an oasis of silence that gives space to our digital lives. Get out of the universe of over-consumption and surround yourself in nature, where less is more. You will be given the chance to linger over a quiet landscape and enjoy the moments of solitude you’ve been longing for. Yoga is practiced twice daily, 850 meters above sea level, high on a hill with a stunning view of the lake.

11 Days Flexi-Date Yoga and Detox Retreat

Samahita Retreat
Koh Samui, Thailand
Flexible Dates

Detox and Yoga Retreat Thailand - Samahita Retreat offers you detox and yoga retreat in the beautiful part of Koh Samui, Thailand. The detox programs at Samahita Retreat have been researched and developed through years of personal experience. Having carefully developed an Ayurvedic herbal detox formula, Samahita Retreat combines it with professional therapies, supplements, yoga practices, and an optimal food as well as juice balance suited to your energy and toxicity level. You will be deeply immersed in healthy and holistic living. This retreat offers you a positive, purpose-built, complete, and supportive environment in which to enjoy your desired detox programs.

3 Days Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat

With: Marije Paternotte
Won Dharma Center, Claverack, New York, USA
April 2018

Softening the Heart Yoga Retreat USA - Do you feel overwhelmed and depleted by trying to keep up with the demands of modern life? Do you feel disconnected and forget to attend to yourself and those around you with genuine interest and concern? Do you need to boost your immunity and overall health? Do you need a break from social media or simply want to spend a quiet weekend in nature? Join this silent weekend retreat to reestablish a connection with your authentic self, to deeply rest, and to recharge your body and soul. As a path of growth and genuine happiness, you will awaken to a heartfelt concern for yourself and others.

8 Days Blue Spirit Yoga Retreat Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Yoga
Nicoya, Costa Rica
Flexible Dates

Spend a week reconnecting and awakening to the truth of who you are. You can enjoy strong and accessible yoga classes, a peaceful natural setting with stunning views, and delicious food all in support of a vital body, heart, and mind. The experienced instructors are committed to creating an experience that will recharge, restore, and reinvigorate on every level of this retreat’s participants.

8 Days Mandali Experience Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Mandali Retreat Center
Quarna Sopra, Italy
Flexible Dates

Mandali Retreat Centre offers an ongoing program for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time, to learn and relax. New spiritual travelers or well travelled practitioners are welcome to drop-in and join one of the 3-, 5- or 8-days Mandali Experiences. The Mandali Experience is designed to support participants to disconnect from the daily stress and routine and help to immerse themselves into their own natural flow of being. During the Mandali Experience you will be provided guided meditation, yoga classes and individual session throughout the entire day. Furthermore you can enjoy our Body Care Center facilities, have a lovely stroll on the mountain, walk the labyrinth or book a session with one of our body care healers.

10 Days Advanced Silent Mind and Yoga Retreat

Mandali Retreat Center
Quarna Sopra, Italy
November 2018

This silent training retreat allows you to investigate the mind as a true scientist within your own laboratory. The philosophical ground of practice will be based in non-dual practices, Buddhism and Tantra. You will take the foundation of mindfulness practice and go deeper into meditation techniques that will firmly establish you in your awareness and presence. This is the root and beginning of seeing the greater purpose that is guiding your lives.